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Nour Porcelain company is the first and largest manufacturer of colorful Stoneware dishes in Iran with over 40 years of experience in the field of producing colorful ceramic dishes.

Products of Nour Porcelain Co.

30-PCS Set

Itali 20-PCS Set

12-PCS Tea Set

15-PCS Tea Set

17-PCS Breakfast Set

26-PCS Gold Edge Set

5-PCS Kids Set

The address of Nour Porcelain factory sales representatives.

City Province Name Address Phone Number
تهران تهران مرکز پخش رسام تهرانسر، بلوار تهرانسر، خیابان پرستو 4 ، نرسیده به بانک مهر 021-12345678
اصفهان اصفهان نمایندگی 2 اصفهان بلوار سی و سه پل، خیابان خواجه ، نرسیده به نیکشهر 031-98765432

About Nour Porcelain

Nour Porcealin Co. (Chinie Nour) is a company with a history spanning over 40 years. It is one of the largest manufacturers of colored Stoneware kitchenware in Iran. The Company has one of the most modern facilities in this industry. The company exports its products to numerous countries, including Germany, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and beyond.

About Nour Porcelain Co.:
Nour Porcelain Co.’s offers a wide spectrum of colored stoneware kitchenwares, catering to a diverse range of consumer tastes. These stoneware kitchenware items are manufactured by a unique formulation, special raw materials, and a distinct production process that ensures exceptionally high quality. They adhere to the highest global standards for quality and hygiene. Nour Porcelain’s colored products are produced at temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Celsius, making them perfectly suitable for repeated use in both microwaves and dishwashers (Microwave and Dishwasher Safe). It is worth noting that over time and regular use, these products do not undergo any changes in color or gloss in either dishwasher or microwave. Therefore, you can confidently enjoy these beautiful kitchenware items, relishing the variety of their attractive designs and colors.

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